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First Car Design in the Making!

I've been working on making my plain white car into something more by designing a patriotic wavy Ukrainian Flag across the side of the car! I've been researching where and how I could get a Photoshop Design into actual job on the car. I could do a vinyl job, but I checked already and that's over $400. For a guy like me, that is already not an option. Right now I'm just waiting for some good weather and find out if I could do the job myself with a much cheaper option which is painting the car in this design. Hopefully soon, I'll be able to drive my car knowing it's not only white.

When will you Start Uploading Again?

I know that it quite a long time since the last time I uploaded a video on YouTube. Half of the reason why is because of my transition of going to a new flight school and new airport. I still have footage to upload, but right now I'm busy in school and with my solo completed, I only have the summer and half of the fall until I get my Private Pilot Certificate. This doesn't mean that I completely gave up, I still plan on making more videos, I already made room for a new set for the intro and got another GoPro. It might not be right now, but I do know I will have time during the summer, and will start uploading again.

Maksym Designs Started to Produce More Content!

I have redesigned the "Downloads" page for ease of access and as well for more content to be shown. Before it was just a list of textures for only FSX, now you can select what game you want additional content for. I've added "War Thunder," X-Plane 10," and "Grand Theft Auto 5." 

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